Winter building space

I spent the last couple weekends moving the boat and tools into the “Boat Barn.” I just started working towards installing the bulkheads and took some more notes and pictures.

Here is a picture of why you want to fill all the staple holes. You can see an air bubble that made its way to the surface. These bubbles allow a direct path for the water to seep into the hull. Fixing them is not hard, but not having them to begin with is better.



Here is a better picture of how the biaxial glass lays down and the filling required to sand it smooth. I wonder if adding a very light woven cloth as the top layer would make fairing easier.

filling the weave

At this point I decided to sand all of the interior surfaces to 80 grit to simplify bonding the bulkheads. At first I thought I would only sand where needed, but decided to just prep the whole interior surface.

hull from behind

Bulkheads cut and in place

bulkheads in place

Ooops! this what happens when you read a 3 when it is supposed to be an 8. Bulkhead #4 off by 50mm in height. Notice the low shear corner…

bulkhead goof