Decking the hull

So the most import part here is to have all surface as true and smooth as possible. Any thing that doesn’t look good at the point, the plywood won’t fix… Take special care at all edges and the radius of the deck.

I pre fit all of the plywood pieces and trimmed to 1/2 in of the edges. that made it much easier to clamp, align  and screw. A thick bead of epoxy goes on all contact surfaces before final fastening. A helper comes in handy to set the pieces down. The radius on the cabin top was the hardest so I started by screwing the centerline down. Then using a cargo strap to start the bending. Then from the strap outwards adding 2 inch spring clamps, a few on each side the the other side until it was all secure. Now the tricky part to eliminate voids on the radius is to add more screws to the top of the bulkheads. Work from the center down and from the center forward and aft. Without these screws I found that I had areas where the plywood did not touch the bulkheads.

deckingdecking2some details

decking-joint detail decking joint detail 2 decking joint detail 3 beam view cabin flange forward beam box cabin_topand the finished hull.

All decked out and nowhere to go!

all decked out