Making the keel

I really could not figure out a better way of doing this, but any suggestions are appreciated

So this is how I went about it

1) Lofted the dimensions onto the boat itself. Luckily I used one of my strips to mark the center line…

keel lofting


Then I used some hot glue to bond a cedar strip in place. I did this because I want to build the keels off the boat and bond them in place later.

keel hot glueing


The finally after epoxying another strip on top I planed the surface flat to receive the first board.


keel 1st layer

Now I go ahead and glue all the pieces together. Make sure you very carefully tape around the keel so you don’t accidentally glue the keel to the boat at this time. If your boat is parallel to the water line, this is a good time to make sure the bottom of your keel is also flat and level. Adjust you keel bulkheads as needed.


Now with all the internal pieces in place and epoxy coatedkeel ready to be closed


Sheathing with plywood

keel adding plywood sides



Adding the external stripskeel adding external strips



Ready for shaping then fiberglassing.keel ready for final shaping


Faired and ready to glass

keel shaped