The Rudder

Building is a rudder is time consuming but well within our capabilities. It all starts by cutting the plywood blanks and getting a machine shop to build you the rudder post and tiller assembly. They also took care of making my delrin bearings.



DSCN2808Now we go ahead and piece it together

DSCN2825And shape it to the prescribed foil shape. I used a belt sander to get it to shape


DSCN2828DSCN2826Once you are happy with the shape, time to glass it over. I did the leading edge first. To make sure you can a smooth curve on the bottom cut the glass strips 45 degrees tot he bias

DSCN2830DSCN2831DSCN2832Once you glass the edges. adding glass to the flats is easy. I decided to glass with three 10 oz layers the whole blade



And here is the final product…