Bulkhead #3

Bulkhead #3 is one of the two bulkheads that the cross beam gets connected to, thus deserving special attention. At this point I have dry fitted bulkheads 1, 2 and 3. Before glueing them in place I decide  to add as many of the extra pieces that make the beam box before bonding the bulkhead.

For many of these joints I am bonding with thickened epoxy and silicon bronze screws.

bonding and screwing


Here you can see the 1×2 reinforcements in place and the 12mm doubler that will help in setting the deck


Next you can see 12mm knees that will hold the beam bolts in place

knees knee fitting

bonding every thing together

bh3 doubler bonding bonding the knees


I also added the first brace for the beam box at this time.

Finally after two coats of epoxy to seal everything up the bulkhead is ready to install.

bh3 ready to go bh3 beam sideTo install the bulkhead and keep a good bead of epoxy going, I found it helpful to spread the  sides apart before installing. Unfortunately you can only use this trick moving aft as we go on.

spreading the hull

Clean with water and a scrubbing pad to prep the surfaces one last time, You can tell above how much dust still needed to be removed. Then I clear coated the mating surfaces and added a nice bead of thickened epoxy. Here we don’t care how much oozes out since it will be used to supply the extra epoxy for the fillets. Cargo straps tighten things up.

bh3 bonded in place filet details fillet details 3fillet details 2